Boat Storage

Boat Storage/On Call Delivery to Green River Reservoir

Want to avoid the hassle of loading and unloading your vessel every time you want to hit the Reservoir? Store your boat with Up North! Just give us a ring when you want to head out and we'll deliver your boat and pick it up for you. Just $150 for the season + a $10 delivery fee per trip. (All of our boats are kept on property under surveillance cameras and one very lovable, yet skeptical golden retriever.)

Why Store With Us?


We'll make sure your vessel stays safe and secure.


Our surveillance cameras will ensure your boat is always being watched.


Don't worry about transporting your boats, we'll drop them (& pick them up) off for a small fee.

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Up North Canoe & Kayak

Lamoille County

Monday - Sunday 7am - 4pm for drop offs and walk-ins
We pick up vessels till 9pm